Gotta Love your Military Clients!

Military Clients are THE BEST!

by Irene Morales Ward, Northern Virginia Real Estate

I don’t typically have favorites clients. They run the gammut from first-time homebuyers struggling to make a mortgage payment to attorneys, doctors, and professionals (….struggling to make a mortgage payment!). But I have to admit, there’s something about the military buyer and seller that just puts me in high gear.

Here’s a typical scenario – orders are not yet in but it’s highly expected to come. The family has just finished remodeling a simple cape cod into a magnificent showplace. Two years….permits, plumbing, drywall, new appliances, floors, paint, house systems – you name it. They have just finished painting the very last wall in their master bedroom and in comes the powers that be. “You’re moving to Washington State…probably.”

In true military fashion, there’s no time for despair or regrets. Let’s get this sucker sold and move on – our orders are in (sort of). So the painful decision to find a realtor or list it on their own to save some money begins. After a few weeks on Craigslist and Military By Owner, it’s time to find a professional.

Enter the “agent” (me!), “What a great house!”, is all I can say as they take me with beaming pride from one room to the next. They show me the before pictures and I’m thinking…it’s been 12 years since my husband and I built our own home and I still don’t have a deck in my backyard! How did they do all this!? They’re MILITARY!

I’m constantly amazed, impressed and in awe at their flexibility, their ingenuity, and their resolve. Yes, some get down but they never give up. They press on. I’m generalizing, of course. But it’s been my pleasure and good fortune to be able to watch America’s best and bravest pack up and move on with little or no complaining and such dignity.

About Quantico Homes

Working primarily as a referral agent, my main motivation is to be able to provide you the highest possible level of service as you look to buy or sell your home in the Northern Virginia Real Estate market. You should be so impressed with your service that you will feel compelled to refer me to your family, friends and colleagues. Our time together is always well spent meeting your specific needs because my time and effort is not spent looking endlessly to generate more business. As a Buyer's Agent, the buyer's criteria becomes paramount during the home buying process. Your needs will never be compromised because Dual Agency is not something I participate in. This is a distinguishing characteristic from many in the industry and I stand firm in the belief that no client in a transaction (whether a buyer or a seller) should be without 100% representation. You deserve all the loyalty and attention from an agent who will always have only your best interests in mind. Keeping in mind that Northern Virginia is a highly transient area, I am always privvy to sales reports and market analysis of all the surrounding counties from Alexandria/Arlington to as far south as Richmond County and from east on the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers to the Shenandoah (and all points in between!). Between the military, corporate, and government relocations, having an agent working to provide you with the latest statistical information and market trends is imperative to a successful sale or purchase. Also, as an e-Pro, finding you homes and communicating that to you becomes increasingly efficient, as does marketing properties for sale. Using exceptional photography for virtual tours, staging all listings, and incorporating "out of the box" methods to generate the largest number of buyer leads while Marketing Your Property For Sale, I can save you time, money and frustration. Start your search for homes at!
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