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Looking for a Deal? Foreclosure may not always be the way to go…

I love a deal, don't you?  I'm not simply talking about finding something cheap.  I'm talking about finding something of quality that will endure the test of time and hold and even increase its value.  It doesn't matter if it's … Continue reading

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Aquia Towne Center to get an overhaul  I've been going to the Aquia Towne Center Movie Theatre for almost as long as it's been up!  Built in 1986, it was a wonderful addition to a growing area.  Sitting just outside the gates of the Aquia … Continue reading

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Stafford County to reassess real estate

In a report in the Stafford Sun by Jennifer Buske, Stafford's Commissioner of the Revenue, Scott Mayausky, sites that there has been a decrease in real estate assessments for the first time in 12 years and the county expects to … Continue reading

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Market Trends in Stafford County, Virginia

I've gotten many calls from anxious buyers looking for a forecast into what the future holds with regard to the market in Northern Virginia, in particular, Stafford County.  Many of my military clients and referrals are heading back from their … Continue reading

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Virginia Real Estate Tax Increase Going to Virginia Supreme Court

Back in February of 2007, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law (HB3202) which, among other things, will allow the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority to increase taxes on homeowners in the form of an increased Grantor's Tax.  Previously, the tax … Continue reading

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