Brighten up your yard with Japanese Maples

I love a well manicured lawn.What intrigues me more, however, are splashes of bold color contrasted against a sea of green foliage. I love walking down a residential street and smell freshly cut grass and admire the creative landscaping ideas of homeowners. But landscaping in Virginia is not always an easy task.

Virginia soil is every gardener’s cross to bare.  Heavy, non-draining, clay soil  makes even the simplest job seem doomed from the start.  Just trying to get a spade through the hard, thick ground is enough to turn most rookie gardeners into nonbelievers!

Japanese Maple

I found a little secret this past month when looking online for potential Mother’s Day gifts. With five children, I had plenty of options to give them but of course, I didn’t want them spending their hard earned money on frivolous or expensive items.  When I came across an advertisement in Aldi’s weekly ad, of all places, I started doing some research.  Unbeknownst to me, Japanese maples (Reds and Bloodgoods) do amazingly well in partial shade and even clay soils with some simple tips!  BINGO!

But what really got my interest was the price!  For only $12.99, I got two adorable 2′ saplings.  The picture above is of a grown specimen.  They grow about 12″ to 24″ a year and reach a maximum height and width of about 15′ to 20′, according to my research. I can’t wait to see this little sapling reach its full potential and enhance my lawn this fall with brilliant crimson red foliage.

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